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The Lions Hearing Aid Program…

Hearing loss affects more people in the United States than heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, venereal disease, and kidney disease combined. One of every 10 people is affected to some degree. Social implications of losing hearing are often disastrous with many people drawing themselves into isolation rather than face the growing difficulties of life without hearing, and the stigmas it often leaves.

The Northwest Lions Foundation provides hearing aids through participating providers to eligible patients who are sponsored by Lions clubs. The Foundation pays 12 and the sponsoring Lions club the other 12 for the hearing aids, after a $5000 copay from the patient to the provider.

Forms, Instructions And Resources

IMPORTANT! Applications for grants from the Lions Hearing Aid Program must be submitted through a Lions Club. The Northwest Lions Foundation can not accept or respond to grant applications from any person or entity other than a Lions club located in Washington or Idaho — You are not eligible for assistance unless you have a Lions club sponsor your application.

There are nearly 400 Lions clubs in Washington and Idaho. You can find a Lions Club in or near your community on the Lions Clubs International website.

Lions Clubs may download the forms and instructions necessary to sponsor a patient for the Northwest Lions Foundation Hearing Aid Program below:

Form PDF Word
Lions Clubs Hearing Program Application and Instructions
(For Lions club use only)
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For questions, contact your district's Northwest Lions Foundation Trustee.

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